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29 June 2016

Twitter, I used to think what the hell was the point of it? I would tweet and tweet and no-one would respond. I then stopped using it, but when I set up my blog I found it was a fantastic way to engage with other like minded people and bloggers. And I've been loving it ever since.

What Twitter has also given me is the joy of discovering brands and companies I would of otherwise never had the pleasure of seeing. So when I stumbled across The Treasured on Twitter and I went onto the website www.thetreasured.co.uk
I was in love! So many cute, girlie and fun products, from stationery to homeware. My favs! 

After a few tweets back and forth to Laura, the creator and genius behind The Treasured I decided to get in touch with her personally and ask her if she would like to feature on my blog, so I can share the wonder that is Laura and The Treasured.
I think the amazing products she sources are so up my street, I'd hoped you'd like it too! So I kindly asked Laura some questions about The Treasured, how it came about and how she manages working with social media.

So here are the questions I asked Laura and her answers:

How did The Treasured come about? Why did you decide to start on online store?I have a passion for unique products, particularly those from British designers and makers. Whilst there we a lot of places online to buy them, I struggled to find exactly what I was after on websites such as Etsy and Not on the High Street, and when I did I was paying postage to each individual maker.My hope for The Treasured was to create a mini one stop shop, where people can shop a collection of my favourite brands and only pay postage once. across the stationery, homeware and gift sectors.

How do you source your wonderful stock? It takes a lot of time to find the right brands for The Treasured. I spend many hours scouring online marketplaces and real life ones. Sadly, it isn’t as easy as just finding things I like. Not only do they need to fit into our core areas (stationery, homeware and gifts) but their style has to be right, the products need to offer something different and the price has to be right too. Everything on The Treasured is priced at less than £50, and most things are less than £20. It’s really important to me that the products are accessible.

Do you have any plans to celebrate your one-year anniversary in November?I have a plan to have a plan. There’s so much I want to do… Competitions, freebies to shoppers and even launching my own range. The last one is the scariest. I’ve been playing around with designs for a while but haven’t been brave enough to release any of them yet.

What is your inspiration behind choosing the stock that you have?
The Treasured is all about cool, contemporary and cute. Each of the products has to be unique but whilst their styles are very different I think they sit well together. The designers behind the products are probably what inspire me most though. Each and every one of my stockists is downright lovely and is carving their own lovely brand within the marketplace.

Do you find it successful using social media? I try to promote my blog on social media, do you find this works for you?Social media is where 80% of my sales come from. Finding a balance between sharing products and not spamming people is really hard but it’s always so lovely to pop a post on Instagram and have that item sell ten minutes later.
Since launching The Treasured, Instagram has been the primary source of traffic but with changes to the algorithm engaged dropped, then the number of people visiting and the number of sales slumped too.I really love supporting young brands and would like to continue doing so, so seeing this drop has been really disheartening. I’ve been working really hard to increase engagement and get people excited about our brands again. More and more people seem to be expressing their love for our products so fingers crossed they love them enough to part with some of their hard-earned cash too.

Do you have a favourite item on The Treasured and if so what is it?Choosing one would be really hard, but I can give you my top three… The Pygmy Cloud Desk Tidy, Neon Magpie’s A – Z of Unicorns: A Magical Colouring Book and The Make Arcade’s ‘More Gin Please’ Cross Stitch Kit. The reason I love these is because they’re so different to anything else I’ve seen.

Is your home full of The Treasured products? I bet it looks amazing!I wish! My home is currently in full on refurbishment mode. We’re talking walls being knocked down, dust everywhere, millions of hours of painting… I’m beginning to see the light at the end of the tunnel with a few rooms so Sparrow and Wolf cushions and LH Design prints will hopefully be coming out of the office soon!

To me, blogging has a large element of time management, how do you manage your time? Do you work full time, working certain hours or do you work more ad hoc?
I definitely do not have this mastered yet. I work full-time in a marketing team and The Treasured slots in to every spare moment that I have. It’s very ad hoc and depends on my workload at any given moment. My day job involves lots of social media and so sometimes it’s really hard to go home and start scheduling tweets and things, but social media is so important to my little business. If I go quiet on Twitter, send help…

As a blogger I find it can be quite lonely at times as you are on your own. Do you have a team around you or do you work solo? 
I work solo but it’s from home so I have my partner bumbling around pointing out that we really need to get the office properly finished so I’m not taking over the island in our kitchen all the time… I find Twitter so helpful though. I chat to other small businesses and bloggers all the time. Not to try and drum up sales but because I enjoy it, and their enthusiasm keeps me going.

How did you come up with the name The Treasured? 
In a nutshell, I wanted to create an online shop where people could find products that they love and would treasure. It became The Treasured quite simply because digital marketing is so important and ‘Treasured’ was sadly taken on too many channels. I still worry that it’s a bit soppy and wonder if I should re-brand, but it encapsulates what I want the brand to be about so for now it’s staying!

Below I have picked my three favourite items from The Treasured. I mean it was a hard task to just pick three!

Unicorn badges (set of four) £3- I love accessorizing
my clothes at the moment and I just love these

Cloud desk tidy £14- How cute is this? A
perfect addition to a desk

Crazy cat girl note book £3.50- I love cats and
I love stationery-winning!

And best of all, from the day of this post going live for two weeks commencing, (29th June to 13th July) you lovely people can receive 20% off any orders you make on The Treasured :). Don't say I don't treat you well!
By the way as I like to be honest, this is no way a sponsored post. I contacted Laura and I have received no payment or goods in return. I want to share all the things I love #sharingiscaring

Hope you like The Treasured as much as me and if you purchase anything I would love to know what you get!

Lot's of love,

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