New beauty products

28 April 2016

I recently watched a youtube video by vlogger extraordinaire Zoella and she reviewed a selection of new beauty products and being easily influenced I decided on the back of her recommendations to try a couple of the products myself.
All the one's she reviewed looked fab and being that I don't get sent anything to try for free, I spent my hard earned cash on two products.

I went for the Clarin's waterproof eyeshadow and Urban Decay afterglow highlighter. Being that I'm always looking for a really pretty highligher and the eyeshadow looked like a gorgeous tone I had high expectations!

Happy Birthday HRH The Queen | Baking some cakes!

21 April 2016

Unless you've had your head under a stone, you'll know that it's the Queen's 90th birthday today. Watching the news there seems to be lot's of celebrations around Windsor Castle to mark this special day for our monarchy. And I thought I would do something to celebrate in my own way, and what better way than with some good ole cake!

As you might of seen from previous blog posts I am not a good baker. It's not for the lack of trying, just that its not a skill I was born with, or managed to hone. Anyway not letting that put me off I decided to make some vanilla cup cakes.
Ingredients l-r: Cake Toppers and cake stands from Hobbycraft | Free range eggs | Dr Oetker cupcake icing, cupcake cases and Betty Crocker mixture from Hobbycraft

Now I know some will say this is cheating, but I used a Betty Crocker mixture (I know not very British for this occasion!) and added some eggs, oil and water to the mixture into a bowl. A a few minutes of whisking later you have your cake mixture.

My desk :)

19 April 2016

You may have read in a previous post that I purchased a new desk from IKEA. Such a worth while purchase. But recently I thought my desk needed re organising. So I did a lit visual merchandising and wanted to share my new desk layout...

To start with the desk is called Linnmon/Alex. Looking on the website I thought it was all one item, but after visiting the store, the desk comes in two parts, the table (desk part called Linnmon) and the draws you slot underneath called Alex. And I already filled the draws of random stuff. That bit needs re-organising!

Over time I have collected/gained/whatever various decorative items to dot around the flat and have ultilised some of these on my desk. Let's begin...

From left to right; The cat trinket pot is from one of my favourite shops called Tiger. The framed quote was a bargain of £1.99 from The Card Factory. The faux potted flower is from Home Sense and the rose gold desk lamp is from IKEA for £10.

This memo pad I found in Home Sense. They have a fantastic homeware range and I have to restrain myself from buying too many note pads! The ball point pen and also the pencil which is also a pen is from Home Sense that comes in a pack of 4.

My birthday | Afternoon Tea

17 April 2016

Anyone reading this, who know's me well, will agree with me that my middle name should be 'indecisive'. Which pretty sums up my 32nd birthday of recent. I was asked on numerous occasions what I would like to do for my birthday and I just couldn't settle on something.
Afternoon tea was the best idea I could come up with, I mean who doesn't like tea and cake! So in the end I ended up booking tea for four people at a near by hotel and spa.

The venue I chose was The Bailiffscourt Hotel and Spa which is set down a quiet country lane just off the coast. I had heard about Bailiffscourt many times and how beautiful, historic and tranquil it is, but never had the luxury of visiting until now.

I booked Afternoon Tea on a website called and after a few clicks it was all booked! 
Had the weather been playing ball, rather than raining most of the day then I was tempted to take a trip to the Isle of Wight, as in all the nearly 15 years Dan and myself have been together, we have never been there together. But weather being that it was, I opted for the afternoon tea.
My sister, along with my mum picked Dan and myself up and we drove over to the hotel.

But before we got there, we took a detour to HobbyCraft which as about 15 minutes drive away. Now I do feel I have for some time (perhaps maybe all my life!) felt like an OAP in my tastes. I'd rather stay in and watch TV then go gallivanting on a night out, or perhaps do some crafts, bake a cake or sit and read a book. I suppose you could also call it being introverted. Anyway whatever you want to call it, I was looking forward to my afternoon tea.
In HobbyCraft I picked up some products to make some cup cakes. I am a lazy and incompetent baker, so I brought a Betty Crocker cake mix, some cup cake cases, some squirt on icing and some cake toppers. (As a side note I also brought some tea cup and saucer holders for cup cakes in Wilko's yesterday which I will use when I make these cakes).
I also picked up some Cadbury's chocolate grab bags and some boxes to try more decoupage on.

With this complete we headed to the hotel. As you approach the Bailiffscourt, you are met with lovely grounds (even in the rain!) and lot's of old looking builds (think Tudor style). 
We parked up and made a mad dash to the reception, where we were shown to a room to the side for our Afternoon Tea.
The room had an old looking open fire (not lit) and two old looking high backed sofas, with a low table in between layed out with Pip Studio china.

Daily blog post | Day out at Gunwharf Quays

15 April 2016

First of let me apologise for the lack of content on my blog of recent. I've been a bit snowed under with work, and as such not had much time or content to blog about! I know, rooky mistake for a blogger.
But, I'm still here and eager to keep you up to date with what I've been up to. Yesterday (Thursday 14th April) I took advantage of the spring sunshine and took a trip to Portsmouth, which about half an hour away on the train, along the coast.

Myself and Dan started off by walking through Chichester centre and headed towards the train station. There is some gardens around the perimeter of the flats where I live and it has some trees. I have been watching their seasonal transitions over the last couple of years. It feels like far too long they have been bare, so I was excited (simple things peeps) that it was starting to show the first signs of leaves budding out the branches. The weather may at time say other wise, but spring is coming :)
Spring has sprung!

Shadow love

Feeling crafty | Project 2

7 April 2016

So after my adventures with the mache letters I decided to do something with a bit more of a practical use. With my new desk I am looking for storage solutions and I had the bright idea to use a clear glass pot and decorate it to use it on my desk.

So in my recent HobbyCraft order I also purchased two large sheets of floral printed paper and some ribbons.
The floral sheets of paper were £1 each which I think is very reasonable for the size and the ribbons were reduced to 50p a roll. I think they were from their Easter stock, but to me they looked usable regardless of the season.

This project is again super easy but I think also effective. All I did was measure the height of the pot, but not including the neck of the pot if it had one. Then I cut out a strip of the coloured paper to that height and placed it inside the pot. And ta dah a decorated pot to your very own design!
I also finished tying some of the ribbon as a bow around the neck or lid to finish it off.
The great thing about this is you can use any design of paper/card you like to great a look that suits you or the recipient if you were to make this a gift.

The pots I used were one from Home Sense for £2.99, a Kilner pot from John Lewis for £2.50 and I also has a ribbed glass pot left from my wedding which I previously purchased as a set from BHS Home. Cost effective too!

I hope you liked this little project. A great one for a rainy afternoon with many practical implications!


Abbie xxx

Feeling crafty | Project 1

5 April 2016

Hello and happy April to you!

In this post I have unleashed my creative side and got myself crafty and share some projects for absolute beginners like myself.
I took a visit to and made a purchase of several items for some projects I wanted to work on. Hobbycraft (btw this is not a sponsored post!) is an aladdin cave of crafts and stationery. Not necessarily the cheapest craft store, but you do get good quality products to work with.

I've always enjoyed making and designing things. When I was little it used to be perfume from flowers in the garden (which always smelt of crushed flowers and dirty water!), to painted terracotta pots for sale at the bottom of my garden path and drawings for my mum.
Being an adult (if I live up to that title!) I don't get the time or the necessity to get crafty as much I would like to. But I thought recently, why not! I can have fun making things and then share them in this here blog!

So below you will see how I decorated some paper mache letters spelling out my name for a decorative feature. I'm a complete beginner when it comes to making things, but I think the fun part is the making and sod the results!
So with my order from HobbyCraft, I set about on a Sunday afternoon to decorate these letters.

The items I brought to complete this project were:
Mache letters £1 each
Paint brushes set for 12 brushes £5
Arcylic paints 75ml tube x 4 £2 each
Glitter paint finish x 2 £2.50 each
Mod Podge glue and finish £4
Masking tape for 2 metres £1
Decorate flower toppers £2
Decorative butterfly toppers £2

I set myself up at my dining table and get my equipment out. I mean this is pretty straight forward what I did, I don't want to go into much detail as I think you can work out that I simply painted these letters in colours and design of my choice.

I'm not the most talented when it come's to painting, but you know I try! If it was really good I could of done some Cath Kidston inspired design, but I kept it simple instead.

I painted directly onto the mache letters and used some masking tape to get a striped effect.I also used the Mod Podge (keep calling it Modge Podge!) to stick the flower and butterfly toppers to the letters and to give the letters a gloss finish.
I also used the glitter paint on a couple of the letters as it dries clear for a glittery finish.

This was good fun and whiled away an afternoon and a great project for kids, or anyone with a creative streak. I hope you like them and inspires you to get crafty!

Look out for my next crafty project coming soon!


Abbie xxx

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