Denim days

29 February 2016

Now, I'm nor the most fashionable person. I will be upfront (not that I can hide the truth) but I haven't got my finger on the pulse of fashion. But I do know what I like and tend to stick to styles I feel comfortable in but have some style to them. Or at least I try!

I recently visited Primark and picked up some items that I feel are some way to being fashion (you can make your own mind up!) and are comfortable to boot.
I picked up a black denim button front skirt, a black dungaree dress and also one in blue. They are so versatile, as you can wear almost anything underneath tops wise. Being it's still cold outside, I tend to wear long sleeve tops or jumpers, but when the months get warmer (when being the operative word!) then I can imagine wearing a t-shirt or camisole underneath. 
Also foot wear is versatile with them too. Be it trainers, pumps, ankle boots or calf length boots, really it's whatever you fancy!
Blouse- New Look | Dungaree dress- Primark

Top- Primark | Skirt- Primark

T-shirt- Primark | Dungaree dress- Primark

I'm lucky enough to be attending the Glamour magazine Beauty Festival at the Saatchi Gallery in London on Sunday 13th March. I'm really looking forward to seeing Jim Chapman, Fleur De Force and Estee Lalonde talk about vlogging. Not that I'm going to venture into that realm. I've tried, but I'm better behind the camera, rather than in front of it. Still I look up to them with much respect as bloggers also, so who knows what I might learn!
So I hope to wear a combination of some of the above items to this event. As I have never been to an event like this before, I'm not at all sure what the etiquette is for dressing, but I would imagine there will be a lot of very trendy peeps there, considering Glamour is in part a fashion magazine. I'm going to try my best to blend in!

A few days proceeding that I'm attending my first blogger meet up in Brighton. I still want to look at least have way decent, but I'm hoping for a more slightly casual affair.

So anyway I hope you like my new outfits. I'm always looking for inspiration, so please do share your new fashion finds in the comments box below!


My life with renting

28 February 2016

This post may not be particularly glamorous, but I want to share some of my life experiences so far (I've lived a sheltered life so not got a huge amount of experience to draw upon btw!).
One thing I believe I can talk about with some confidence is the around renting.

Unless you come from money, or come into money or just able to be lucky and secure your own home with out ever needing to rent, I would imagine you might be familiar with the process.

For those of you who maybe venturing from college or uni and perhaps looking to live on your own (or with friends/other half) the option of renting will present itself. And I want to share with you some helpful tips from my experiences to get you on the right footing.
But before I do that, let me give you some background into my experiences.

And no I am not an letting agent, my experience with renting is purely from the renters angle. I first began the process of renting when I moved in with my then boyfriend, now husband.
He was already renting to a private landlord when we first met and was living in a bedsit. This was one room, not big by any standing and comprised of living and bedroom as one room, with a very small bathroom with shower off  to the left and a tiny kitchen off from that. It wasn't the greatest in style. To be honest it was a mis mash of second hand furniture and lot's of boxes. Unless you find a bedsit with cupboard space, storage will be a problem, esp if you have lot's of belongings.
I gradually spent more and more time with Dan, so once I increased my hours in my retail job at the time, I moved in on a more permanent feature and started to pay towards the rent.
I loved being with Dan more often, so living together, even in close confines was never a problem.
The flat was also directly opposite the beach, so whilst we had no garden to use, I would often on a summers day off from work, sit in one of the seats in the promenade wall and enjoy some sunshine and seaside scenery. I was regularly thankful for living in such close proximity's to the beach, as I couldn't imagine living too far away from the coast.

After about two years, the landlord, who luckily left us to ourselves and was very understanding (which I will come to shortly), decided after the tenants directly in the room next to us moved out, to convert the room so we could use it as our bedroom. Bonus was this had a bathroom too! We had to sign a new contract and obvs pay a bit more rent, but an extra room with out having to move is a no brainer!
Though again this room wasn't any bigger than the room we were currently in, it meant we could have a bedroom and a living room! As I was only on appox £5 an hour at the time (and this was above the minimum wage at the time!) I couldn't afford all the home ware trappings that I so love now. Also I was at an age where fashion was were all my money went, the home ware bug came several years later. So it was fair to say we didn't have a particularly fancy flat. But still it was a roof over our head.
One of the down sides to this flat was the heating. I came from a family home with central heating, taking it for granted. And now I was living in a flat that had storage heaters! Arrghh! I became frustrated with them, unless they are modern, which these weren't. They create and store heat throughout the day and with a timer, then they release the heat during the evening/night. But boy, did these not make much difference! I can recall many a winters day using plug in heaters for warmth, not ideal but needs must.
Also we had a key meter for our electricity. Wow, that takes me back. We would have to top it up every week or so, depending on how much electricity we used. You would normally have an emergency £5 reserve, but still we had to be cautious. And if it ran out when you weren't expecting it to, you had to take a trip to the newsagent in town, which was about a 15 minute walk away (we didn't ands still don't drive). Imagine that if it's cold and/or raining! Or even at night!

Around this time, Dan had an accident one January and was knocked off his push bike on the way to work. Following this Dan was made redundant from his child care job and had to go on Job Seekers allowance. The landlord was really understanding and allowed Dan to sort himself out and didn't pressure him for rent when he became a bit behind. Some private landlords, if you're lucky can be more lenient, while others might not be. Also if you are using a letting agency, in my experience  they don't have much room for late payments. You're in or you're out seems to be the case.

After a few years in that flat, a flat on the other side of the building we lived in, on the ground floor became available. The landlord let us have a viewing and we decided to take it. The positives was it had a larger kitchen, a living room, small corridor to the bedroom and a bathroom with a bath. Yes a bath! After what felt like too many years of having only showers and longing for nice long relaxing baths, we got one! Amazing how simple things can mean a lot.
Also as this was on the ground floor, we got use of the small garden out the back. Great for the summers, or even winter when it snowed one year. But not sure great as we had to share it with the flat next door and even though we were polite to each other, sharing a garden with almost a stranger is a bit off putting.
Though this flat was more accessible, we had our own side entrance, rather than going through a communal door like we did in the previous flat, and it had an area where I planted some herbs and lavender, which I took much pride in,  but it lacked again in storage and adequate heating.
We eventually decided we had enough of cramped living and wanted to look for a bigger place.

So with the help of some money Dan had from a compensation claim after his accident, we found a flat, literally right around the corner. This flat was the top floor flat, with views looking onto the beach. When we signed up to the lettings agents around the corner, we had to pester them to let us know about any available flats, but eventually this one came up.
We went for a viewing and I was won over by the sheer size of the place. It was an Victorian period property, with a bay window in the front room and high ceilings. The living room itself was probably the size of the bedroom and living room in our flat at the time combined. It also had a small room off from it, with a generous size landing, a bedroom with a period fire place, a small but decent bathroom and a modest size kitchen.
I still remember moving by hand (and a little use of my sisters car) furniture and all our belongings from one flat to the other as it was in such close proximity's, and it seemed too expensive to hire a removal van to travel all of 30 seconds!
After much huffing and puffing and what felt like a million trips up and down 2 flights of stairs. We were in. It took me a bit of time to get used to living at a top floor flat. It felt quite strange, after living on the ground floor. But after a while I actually loved it, as you could watch people and traffic go by on the street below but be high enough for them not to be walking right past your window.
We found that the landlady who owned the building lived on the ground floor flat.
She was lovely and sold us some great pieces of furniture for a bargain price. Some which I still have now.

We spent a few years in this flat, including some more cold winters. As the flat was old, it had single glaze sash windows, which when you have a wind coming off the sea blowing past, doesn't offer the best insulation. Plus having larger rooms, meant the storage heaters didn't emit enough heat to fully warm the rooms. Still I loved the space and made the bedroom as nice as I could. Summers were nice as the sun would shine in the front room windows and I would sit in my chair relaxing and watch the sea.
Dan and myself also hosted Christmas there for my mum, dad and sister which was nice and homely.
During my time at this flat, I started to work in my current job. As the store is out of the neighbouring town centre and I used to get the bus every day, my finishing at 8pm on some days, esp in winter started to become quite hard. I wouldn't get home until 9pm sometimes, after waiting for a bus for 20 minutes or more and would often have to be in work for 9am the next morning I was getting tired.
So with the help an annual bonus from work, myself and Dan moved nearer to my work.

We signed up with another letting agents. We didn't leave on the best of terms with the previous letting agents as they tried to hold back some of our deposit, unnecessarily so. And that they lied about us living at the flat to our new letting agents. But still I don't want to bad mouth anyone, so lets move on.

After I viewed several flats in the area, including one that should be described as a shoe box, I viewed without Dan a house just a 10 minute walk from my work. This house, was unassuming from the outside but was a delight on the inside.
As you walked in, you came straight into the front room, which was on the small side, but had built in shelving under the stairs, which was great for all Dan's books! The kitchen was a bit bigger, but resembled how a kitchen should look, with black and white squared lino (alas not tiled!) and plenty of work surfaces and a sink that over looked the garden. Off from the kitchen was a utility room, with washing machine, toilet and a shower! We never used the shower as it was almost like going to a shower in a shed!

Upstairs was two bedrooms, neither large but sufficient and a very reasonable size bathroom.
The bonus was, it was a) a house (going up in the world!) b) had central heating and c) a garden of our own which as quite long!.

The down side was we struggled get insurance to cover our property as at the very end of the garden was a small river. Which the insurers thought was a potential flood risk. But in all the years I have know of that area (and that's most of my life) I've not known it to flood. But as it did once and even though the area has improved flood defences they wouldn't insure us.
Though despite the house being a bit tired looking, it was homely and we felt more like a proper couple, living in a proper house.
The convenience for work was great. No more getting home late. Getting up later. Brilliant! (Though Dan bless him had to travel on the bus more living in this new location-sorry Dan! But he still says to this day, that the house was his favourite place he has lived since leaving home).

When we moved in, we had to do an itinerary check and check that what the letting agents have listed is what we see, and any thing different we make a note. So that when we move out, they know what should be left. But when we started to look around in the cupboards we discovered lots of belongings. We also noticed that there was additional furniture left. Being that the house was on the small side and we already had lot's of our own belongings were were concerned where all this was supposed to fit.
We were told by the letting agents that the house was advertised as fully furnished. Which I swear it wasn't, but as I didn't have a copy of the advert, it was my word against theirs. And should fully furnished mean cupboard full of what looked like previous tenants belongings?
So we had to accommodate the existing furniture, with our own. That was fun let me tell you!

Anyway it was our home, and we made the best of it we could. We spent about 9 months there before we were contacted by the letting agents and told that the lady who owned the house, who was old, had passed away and as such the house was being put on the market so the family of the lady could raise money to pay an inheritance tax.
And with that we had two month's notice to move out! Argh! I'm not a fan of moving as we have so much stuff (I buy too much home accessories and Dan buys too many books!). But seeing as we had no choice, we started look for another place to live.

We viewed a few more places, one of them being a first floor flat in a new build, right over the back of our current home. As soon as I walked in, I was in love. It was all new and modern, with soft cream carpets and lot's of natural light.
It has two bedrooms, with the master having an en suite and a dual aspect open plan living room and kitchen. It also has a modern built in microwave, and island with an convection hob, dishwasher, washing machine and tumble dryer and Vileroy and Bosch bath and sinks, and basically is a marked improvement on our previous residences.
The letting agent always says 'We've got lots of people interested so if you are interested then I wouldn't hang around' or something to that elk. But being that the flat was of high quality and so near to the house, I said I wanted them to reserve it for us. Reserving it, means you pay the letting agents a certain amount of money for them to take it off the market, whilst all the checks (to make sure you are a reliable tenant who doesn't have rep for holding massive parties and the like. And also you have a good credit history so you will be able to pay the rent) for the tenants. This means that no-one else can view the property, but does mean if any of the checks fail and the letting agency does not want to offer you a contract, then that's your money down the drain and you're back to square 1.
Luckily we were ok on the checks front, and after boxing up all our belongings. And leaving the house tidier than when we left (I cleaned with a steam cleaner in all the grouting around the tiles in the kitchen one afternoon to ensure we left it spic and span) and as such we got all our deposit back.

And that is where we are now. I do like this flat as everyone who visits comments on how nice it is, and I have become rather house (or flat) proud and do keep it as tidy and presentable as possible.
The down side I've discovered is that these flats were built to look nice, but the developers skimped on some corners. Like the floors to each flat are so thin that every stomp (yeah thanks guys) from the neighbours above are heard and it does get irritating at times. There's no sound proofing or whatever you would use to quieten the sound between flats. That's the price you pay for a nice flat. And the rent, that's also the biggest price to pay!

Dan and myself would love to move to a house again, somewhere with some space and a garden. That would be a luxury. And also somewhere ours. Not rented, but paid for. I know that's a lot of people's aspirations, so I know I'm not alone. With my income and Dan being self employed, we simply do not have the savings or the money to put down a deposit for a house, so for now we keep on renting, hoping that we can somehow get our own house one day.

When I was in my 20's I hated the idea of having a mortgage. The thought of owing so much money and being tied to a property for years seemed too much of a commitment. But now I have entered my 30's, married and getting weary of renting, I see the benefits of owning your own place, mortgage and all. I can get a pet, decorate, just simply put up some shelves if I wished.

But who know what the future brings. I'm just glad I have a roof over my head and somewhere I can write my blog! :)

So onto my tips for anyone who is or planning to rent. These are my own opinions and based on my experiences. Please do seek professional guidance when renting if needed, I am just here to try and share what I have learnt and recap some of the above.

1) Check the advert. Is it furnished, part furnished or empty? Might seem silly, but keep a copy of the advert. I wish I did when I had the trouble with the house. Keeping as much records as possible will help you if you have any disputes with a landlord and or an letting agents.

2) Read through any contracts you sign. I know it looks boring, but you'll be thankful before you realise you've agreed to feed the landlords cat every day! (Joke-that should never be in a contract!).

3) When moving out, be prepared for not getting all your deposit back. From my experience, letting agents like to find an excuse to hold onto your money, esp if you think it is unwarranted.

4) To help with the above, make a note of any thing that was wrong with the property when you first move in that isn't detailed on the itinerary. Film it, photo it, whatever but let the landlord/letting agent know so you can't be penalised for it later.

5) Be aware if you go to a letting agents of the fees. From the initial checks, to the deposit, to normally one month to 6 weeks rent up front. Then include removal fee's if you need to. I wasn't aware of this when I first went to an letting agents. So was a bit of a shock. Private landlords may vary in how much they charge, but do your homework, so you know you have a landlord that will be on the straight and narrow.

And last but not least, enjoy living in your new home! I know the above may sound a bit daunting but as long as you are a good tenant and go with a good letting agents/landlord you should find you'll be ok. In some countries more people rent than have mortgages as it's seen as the preferred option. Home sweet home :)


Mini Benefit Cosmetics :)

24 February 2016

I popped in my local Boots store at the weekend to look at their NYX range, but I didn't make it that far as I got very much distracted by the Benefit Cosmetic's stand.
On the stand was various boxes and pots of their iconic lines, in mini and I love mini beauty products!
And each item is only £5 each! And for anyone who buys Benefit, you know it's not the cheapest on the block. And their current deal is 4 items for £15. Get in!

So after much deliberation, these are the items I ended up purchasing...

High Beam- highlighter
If you've not used High Beam before, you're missing out! This is such a lovely pearly iridescent colour that gives your skin a pretty shimmer. Ideal for your cheeks or under your brows.
I guess you could also add it to a moisturiser too, to add some shimmer and high light those cheeks!!

Dandelion lip gloss

Badgal Lash mascara
I will be honest, I've not used Dandelion before, but that's why I brought it! I love the packaging and the colour of the lip gloss is a light peachy shade. Also this is ideal handbag size. Just as long it doesn't end up hidden in the deepest ethers of my handbag!

Badgal Lash mascara
This is an iconic Benefit product and for a reason. The colour is a great black shade and it has a good ole big mascara brush to get to every lash. If my life depended on it, I would go for the There Real mascara, but this is great for getting a full coverage of mascara. I do have to apply several coats, but that's because I have lashes that need all the coverage it can get!

Boing and Eye Bright
Now this is great, as it's two products in one! You get a great concealer in Boing and eye brightener colour in Eye Bright. The concealer is on the dark side, but for that't good, as I need as much as I can get! I've yet to give Eye Bright a go, but I like as it's compact with the two together. 

You can also purchase Poisy Tint and Bad Gal lash eyeliner amongst others, but these are the four I went to. Doing a bit of basic maths, if you spent £30 you'd get 8 items! Perfect for travelling or if you normally have a bulging make up bag. And don't forget those Boot's points.

I hope you like my mini finds and I'd love to know what and why your favourite Benefit product is :)


The £10 challenge!

21 February 2016

It's that time of the month. No I don't mean mother nature paying a visit, but that other annoying monthly re-occurrence, the pre Pay Day struggle.
I've become a little bit financially stretched shall we say (me and money are not BFF!) and as such I wanted to set myself the challenge of seeing how much or what can I get for £10 in various high street strores.
So off to Brighton I went to have a good hunt for those bargains! I visited four shops, and below I have photo's of the item's I brought and whether I can in on budget.

Let's begin...

Tk Maxx
The first shop I visited was Tk Maxx. As Tk Maxx is already a discounted store, I thought I must be able to get an item or two for my money and I wasn't disappointed!
Here I brought:

W7 Brow Parlour £4.99

I love this eye brow set as it has all you need for taming those brows! A wax, highlighter, two shades of brow powder, plus mini tweezers and an angled brush. Plus the tin it comes in is so cute! And the price was amazing too. It looks like a dupe of perhaps Benefit? Let's hope it's not just good looking, but a great product too!

I love...Strawberries and Cream bath and shower creme £1.99

If only you could smell how amazing this is! The smell is definitely a super sweet fragrance and smells good enough to eat (please don't though!!). And it's pink, love pink and it's a great size too. All for the grand price of £1.99, what's not to love!

Retro Gaming!

18 February 2016

When you were younger, did you play board games, or did you play computer games? Myself, I was more of the latter (though you can't beat a game of Monopoly or Snakes and Ladders!). And I'm now showing my age as I had a Gameboy, along with a Sega Master System II and a Super Nintendo.
I loved my Gameboy, which my dad actually handed it down to me. It had my favourite game franchise, which was Zelda. In my opinion Zelda was the original free roaming game.
And as such, when Dan and myself visited Southampton recently, we stumbled across a retro gaming store (which was gaming on one side and wedding dresses on the other, I guess stereotypically appealing to both sexes!).
We had a bit of a browse, and we ended up purchasing a Gameboy Advance, which plays the Gameboy Advance games in colour, but is also backwards compatible and you can play the original Gameboy games on it too. We also purchased a Zelda game, a Rayman game and a Tetris game for Dan. And Dan has since purchased a Mario game too.

I know we have mobile phones these days to play full techincolour games on, but back when I was a child, this was amazing! A game system you can carry with you! No more long boring car journeys! Bed times under the duvet cover staying up to complete that super tricky levels was the norm.
But even now, maybe as I'm getting older, I find the fun in revisiting these games and still getting stuck on the first boss!

Admittedly now I know the state of graphics today, it does show up the Gameboy's basicness, but as a kid I think you don't need all the frills to make a game fun. I mean Mario is still around and personally I perfer the 2D Mario games to the 3D versions.

Also a bonus with the Gameboy is no plug! It did come with a mains plug, but what gave it it freedom was it only needed 4 x AA batteries and would last for what felt like weeks. Compare that to a mobile phone for gaming and you're charging it every day.

And if you want to see what today's kids think of such a relic, you can watch this video here...

Any way I would love to know what games you enjoyed as a child. Drop me a comment below!


Shopping, what did I get?

14 February 2016

On Saturday recently I took a trip to Brighton. I quite often pop over there as it isn't too long on the train (as long as there isn't a football match on, then you'd be lucky to get a seat!) and I like the shops, from high street to independant retailers.
Plus if the weather is being particulay rubbish, you can take refuge in the shopping mall, Churchill Square. In the shopping mall I really like Tiger stores, which sells lots of little bit of tat, as my husband calls it, or for me lots of cute and useful accessories, from stationery, to kitchen ware to tech accessories. Also there is a Pull and Bear and a Berschka aswell, which are the nearest branches to me.

I had a good browse, but I wasn't in a clothes shopping mood, I was looking for more homeware pieces. Though I did get some make up from Makeup Revolution, and a coat from Pull and Bear.
What I also found was this Love light sign from Primark, a snip at £12!

I also picked up this note pad, pencils and pen from Home Sense, perfect to keep me organised doing my blog!

I also stopped by the Benefit brow bar in Debenhams to enquire about eye brow shaping. My eyebrows are not good. I probably do what most beauty afficindardos say don't do and that is plucking them. I have no idea how to actually shape them, so heaven knows what I think I'm doing when I pluck them.
After I spoke to one of the Benefit reps, I like to ponder my options. I will admit I am a bit of a wuss and I'm not sure about getting them waxed. It's not the pain, it's more will my eye brows be all red and puffy and what if I have an reaction to the waxing? (I'm an over worrier!). So far my friends have sang the praises of Benefit, so maybe I will have to pluck (sorry!) up the courage to get them done.
Either that or there is a lady in my local Superdrug who does threading, which I have had done a couple of years a go, so that might be an alternative. I'm sure I'll let you know what I decide to do!

Anyway back to the shopping and I also popped into WHSmith and picked up a new book by Jill Mansell, the latest copy of Glamour magazine and a copy of new blogger magazine, Blogosphere. I do like having something to read of a bath time, or a chill out on the sofa of an afternoon.

So after a bit of a further mooch about the shops, I headed home on the train and made my self a much needed cup of tea. Nothing like a good cup of tea when you get home!

And that was me done for the day! PJ's were put on and dinner was had. Exciting stuff, lol!

Anyway hope you enjoyed this little blog post and that you're well! Every reader is a virtual friend to value!


Valentine's Food- Pizza and Cake! :)

11 February 2016

So for this Valentine's I thought it would be nice to be able to show you before hand how you can make your own heart shaped pizza and sponge cupcakes.
Now a disclaimer I will always make, I am no way a good cook. This I think I have said before and I say it again as it is so annoyingly true. But anyway I'm not going to let me stop me. Practise makes perfect and all that.

Heart shaped pizza

Now, as I am not a good cook, I did find a pre-made pizza base in the super market. I could of made my own, but that involves things like yeast and rising and that's far too technical. So after a bit of a hunt around the supermarket, I found in the chiller aisle canned dough, that also comes with the tomato sauce for the base. Result!
I also picked up some grated mozzarella and some red peppers. I did also buy some cooked chicken, but in the end decided against it. Obvs you could use any toppings you like. That's the beauty of pizzas.

All the ingredients I used and didn't use! That being the chicken and the basil

The dough trying the break free!

My heart shaped pizza base on a pizza tray- from Home Sense

Pizza prepped- notice the heart shaped peppers!

Pizza done!

Pizza ready for gobbling!

The overall appearance of the pizza was ok. As I was doing it I thought it could of been useful to cut a template out of paper then use that as a guideline for the perfect heart shape. Live and learn.
The pizza tasted ok also, but as I thought it was going to be too thin (this is a dough for thin and crispy) I did add extra dough to places, but I found that didn't bake as quickly as the rest of the pizza. My tip, don't worry if it looks too thin as a base as it will then bake quicker and better.
Perfect for your loved on this Valentines. Or even for yourself!

Daily blog post- Weds 10th Feb 2016

10 February 2016

Good evening! Or morning, or good whatever time of day it is for you!
I haven't posted a Daily Blog Post for a while now, as I have been busy creating future post contents, but I thought for today, why the heck not! Not that I did anything of major interest but sharing is caring!

So today, Dan and myself took a little trip to a nearby seaside town called Worthing. For no particular reason then to pop into Wimpy for something to eat and take a walk along the prom. Now for those of you who are thinking, 'What on earth is Wimpy?', then let me divulge.
Wimpy is a restuarant/cafe franchise that has been around ever since I can remember, There used to be one in my home town but it closed down. Still there is one still up and running in Worthing. Their menu options haven't really changed from the 1990's, which is no bad thing in my opinion. They still do a Bender in a Bun, which is a frankfurter in a bun with chips. Though today I opted for their cooked breakfast option. It was spot on!

After our full bellies we then headed to the beach, which was only a short walk away. The wind had died down considerably since storm Imogen at the beginning of the week. But there was still remants of the storm as some of the promande was covered in stones.

Dan and myself walked along the seafront and I found an outdoor exercise area. Being the big kid that I am, I dived onto some of the equipment, like a rowing and a pull up machine. They also had this one, where you step onto either footing and hold onto a handle bar. Then you move your legs backwards and forwards. Once I got off the machine, my legs felt really weird, like I was drunk. Not the best feeling, but it soon wore off!
Pictured below is my goodself with a pirate statue that also happened to be by the exercise area. Couldn't not have a photo taken with this fella!

Our destination was to a homeware store called The Range. Inside The Range is a treasure chest of a cornucopia of goodies, from decoration pieces for the home, to arts and crafts, to bedding, to kitchenware and so on. I wasn't looking for anything in particular, but do I love shops like these, so I couldn't resist a snoop.
One of the things I did purchase was this trio of baskets that I have placed in the top draw of my chest of drawers and sorted my make up into each basket. Super organized!

Another item I purchased was a set of 4 beigey-grey heart shaped place mats to go with my heart print table cloth. I have tried to make my kitchen table look a bit Valentine's inspired, just because I wanted to!

After The Range, Dan and myself then walked back to the train station in Worthing and caught the train home, where I promptly made my dinner, had a cup of tea and changed into my pj's.
And that brings you up to date. Not sure what I have planned for tomorrow. Dan is out working, so I'm home alone. Pj day?!

Thanks for reading. Hope you've had a lovely day!


Make up bargain!

9 February 2016

I was recently browsing the internet for make up, as you do and went onto Superdrug's website. For those of you not familiar to Superdrug, it is a high street retailer selling lotions and potions and make up and toiletries and fragrances, and well I could go on!

I was looking for Valentines day inspired make up. And on the first page I clicked onto, was an offer for four items of make up for £10 in a Valentine's day bundle. What a deal!
There are two options, Racy Red or Playful Pink and in each bundle you get from Rimmel: a mascara, a lipcolour, blusher and nail polish. If you were to buy each item separately it would set you back an additional £12!
As this was a deal too good to miss, I opted for the Racy Red bundle, which I picked up today from my local Superdrug store.

Items in the bundle (l-r): Lasting Finish Soft Colour Blush in 010 Santa Rose
Super Curler 24hr Mascara
Provocalips 16hr Kiss Proof Colour in 500 Kiss Me You Fool
Salon Pro Nail Polish in 124 Venus

I also picked  couple of additional items in Boots (another high street store much akin to Superdrug), which was a Seventeen brow set and Seventeen eyeliner gel.

If you fancy taking a look at the great offer on Superdrug you can find this page here. 

I'm yet to try the products out yet, which I'm super excited to. I hope you like this gem of a find and let me know if you give it a go too!


Makeup Revolution v Urban Decay

7 February 2016

First off, I want to apologise for not posting of late. My excuse is in the form of a little thing called, work. I'm finding blogging vs working is a fine balance. Obvs work has to take precedence (I mean I need to be able to fund my make up habit!), but when I have days of simply working, followed by dinner and then bed, I find there isn't the time or even the content to post.
So now I have a week of annual leave, my task, should I wish to accept it, is to schedule a number of posts so I do have content to share with you, including some of the bits I have brought recently and a valentines cake blog. Plus more!

So onto today's topic, which is make up! And in particular what your money gets you should you pay a lot or a little.

Now, a make up brand I have come to love is Makeup Revolution and I discovered this by chance in a large Superdrug store about a year ago. I was looking for an affordable eye shadow palette and happened to pick up one of Makeup Revolutions palettes for a mere £4 and gave it a go.
And I was pleasantly surprised! I mean, I normally go for Benefit, Revlon, L'Oreal and Urban Decay for my eyeshadows, palettes normally more that twice the price of Makeup Revolution but boy was I glad I tried it! The colours and consistency are such a great dupe of Urban Decay's Naked palettes.
To prove this point I have a couple of photo's below to show the closeness in colours between the two brands.

Now I'm not dissing Urban Decay as I do love their eye palettes, as such I have three of them and I esp love the packaging and you do get your bang for your buck. But if you are looking for a more purse friendly alternative I would highly recommend Makeup Revolution.

Since discovering the wonders of Makeup Revolution (did you know they have only been around for 2 years!), I have gone on to buy their eyebrow pencil, cheek highlighter and lipsticks.
The only down side is it is only stocked in larger Superdrug stores, which my local one is just that bit too small to stock it :( Still whenever I visit Brighton, or Southampton for example, I normally pick up an item or two.

What I also love is their 'I love makeup' range, which has such fab packaging, their eye palettes look like bars of chocolate! And their highlighters are in heart shaped pots. So cute!

If you want to check out Makeup Revolution for yourself, you can check them out here.

Btw this a non sponsored ad, just me sharing my love of Makeup Revolution and if you haven't tried it all ready I'm sure it won't take you long to be hooked like me!


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