The No Bake Fridge Cake!

22 January 2016

The No Bake Fridge Cake

I will be honest up front, I am useless at baking or cooking in general. Beans on toast, yes, but anything more complex then that, then it's a microwaveable meal.

So when I discovered a cake that requires, NO BAKING, then I thought even I can do that, surely?

I have photographed the stages below to give you guidance, but to be honest if I can make it, then I have high hopes for you!

The Ingredients

125g of unsalted butter 
300g of milk chocolate
2 tbsp of Golden syrup
250g of digestive biscuits
135g of Malteasers
A sprinkling of mini marshmallows

The Recipe

First of all weigh the butter out and place into a Pyrex bowl (or any other microwaveable bowl), then follow with adding the chocolate which you have broken into chunks.
Hint- use the chocolate at room temperature, it's easier to melt.

Pop the bowl into the microwave for 60 seconds (I have an 1000W microwave so you might need a little longer for less wattage, but check your microwave hand book if unsure).

Once microwaved, stir together the mixture so that all the chocolate and butter has melted. 
Add 2 tbsp of golden syrup to the mixture and stir.
Then add the crushed digestive biscuits and stir the mixture so that all the dry ingredients are coated in chocolate. 

I chose to add some mini marshmallows and gave it all a final mix.

I then spooned the mixture into paper cup cakes (try to use cup cake cases that have some sturdiness to them). I have alternatively in the past spooned the whole mixture into a cake tin (20cm x 20cm should do it) which had been grease lined.

Finally you pop this into the fridge. I normally make this in the evening and leave it to set over night.

Once out of the fridge, your no bake fridge cake is ready to devour!

The finished cakes!

If you have any easy peasy recipe's you would like to share, please let me know!



  1. A cake that I don't have to bake, now this I have to try! They actually look really nice, think I might have to try them this weekend.

    Beka. xo | littleworldofbeka

    1. Seriously worth a try. If I can do it, then I I have total faith you can too! Love to know how your's turn out! xx


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