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23 November 2015

My apologies for the radio silence of recent, my only excuse is I work in retail and it's been getting busy and is only going to get busier! I've had 13 years of working in retail at Christmas and it's all hands on deck as the festive period creeps up.

So what have I been up to other then working in the last couple of weeks? Well, let me scratch my noggin box for a moment and think...I have been to Brighton again yesterday. Photo's will be below. I have also been trying to keep warm from the cold winter weather that has set in. Had to put the heating on yesterday for the first time since, maybe March this year. Hmm, what else? Trying to decide what to wear to our works Christmas party. (Still not decided!). Sure I will share my final choice when I do indeed make it!
Talking of Christmas I have put up my Christmas tree. Yes, some might say it's a bit premature but I like having the main lights off and the Christmas tree lights on twinkling in the background. I brought some great lights from John Lewis. They are in clusters and are LED. They also have 8 different light settings, so you can go full on rave mode, or soft twinkling or just static. 
Every year I try to go for a different colour theme and this year I have chosen silver, complimented with white an pale pink. Girly but classy I would say. Or Girlassy! (What ever!).

Part of my job role is to work with the local community and help create some 'theatre' in my place of work. So what did I do?! I organised the two ugly sisters from Worthing Pavilions production of Cinderella into our shop to meet and greet our customers. They were loud and proud, in full character mode and costume and made the customers chuckle (surprisingly a lot of customers took photo's which was great).

My colleague and myself have also been organising our shop's Christmas party, which is hush hush on our plans, but that has involved us thinking creatively and covertly as not to give too much away!

I also visited a town about an hours drive away and helped support a customer evening event on the shops opening day. It was great fun and I got to meet lot's of lovely people. It was also a long day and the 11pm MacDonald's stop was very much needed! There was lot's to do, but felt like a real team effort to ensure everything ran smoothly and the customers had a great time. 

The other night Dan and myself had a nice chill out on the sofa and watched the Minions movie (the most recent one) and if you need a feel good film, with lots of laughs, then I would definitely suggest giving it a watch. Great for the kids and the grown up kids too!

I'm sure there's more I could mention, but I don't want to waffle too much. I hope to post again real soon with something of a bit more of an interest. If you have any suggestions for a post idea, please do let me know.

Till next time,

Love Abbie xoxoxoxo

Festive Pajama's

14 November 2015

I think I one of many who love to get in from school or work and change straight into some lounge wear or pajama's.
If that sounds like you, then you might like these pj's I found online :) 
Oooh the thought of a cold day and snuggled indoors with pj's and a cup of tea sounds like bliss! Do you have a favourite pair of pj's? Feel free to let me know in a comment below!

Love Abbie xoxoxoxo




Victoria's Secret

Hello Kitty

FF at Tesco

Sparks personalised onesie


Victoria's Secret



Cath Kidston

Bournemouth hotel video

Back in October, myself and Dan stayed at the Bournemouth West Cliff hotel, which is part of the Hallmark Hotels chain.
Whilst there I filmed a little video of our hotel room and the restaurant. Admittedly not that exciting of a video, but I wanted to try out a film editing software.
Anyway here's the vid...

Love Abbie xoxoxo

To blog or not to blog

13 November 2015

Hello, it has been a little while since I have posted a blog as I have been super busy with my day job. I have the internal debate with myself, as I imagine many other bloggers do too, as whether to post for the sake of posting to keep new content, or post less frequently but with more solid content.

I would go for the latter, but then I don't want to leave big gaps between posts, so what's a blogger to do?

I'd love to know if you write a blog, what works for you, if you juggle your blog around your day job. How do you keep blogs fresh and up to date? One idea I think would work is scheduled posts. I've been told Hoote Suite (is that correct?!) is one way to go.

Anyway hopefully this weekend I can get back on track.

Love to know what works for you.

Love Abbie xoxoxo

John Lewis Christmas Advert 2015 - #ManOnTheMoon

6 November 2015

If you have been connected to social media today then you would, I hope, of seen this years Christmas advert from John Lewis.

If you haven't you can take the opportunity to view it below :) I'd love to know what you think!

Here is a photo of a mug I brought today from all the fab merchandise they have.
Last year I purchased the Monty and Mabel teddies, so this year I wanted to get some memento of the ad campaign (I know such a sucker for advertising!).
The ad campaign is also helping to promote the fantastic work that Age UK do for the elderly, especially at Christmas. Definitely right to high light the isolation that many of the older generation face, especially at this time of year. I don't have any grand parents but I would like to think that none will be lonely this Christmas (that would be a Christmas wish I'd like granted).

And at time of writing the ad has over 2 million hits on youtube and will be premièred on Gogglebox this evening.
I think the festive season has well and truly begun!

Love Abbie xoxoxo

Autumnal Bedding :)

5 November 2015

As the evenings are getting darker, colder and if this evening is anything to go by, rainier, then for me at least, I like to be home, warm and cosy.

So what better then nice, new autumnal bedding? Today I visited a huuuge Asda (and this one wasn't called a superstore for nothing!) and they had all this amazing homeware section (not to mention clothing- but this is a lifestyle blog so I'll stick to topic). I had previously been looking on their website and wanted to visit the store to see the items up close, and it was like being in their website but being able to actually touch everything (if that makes any sense!). 

I had seen on one of Zoella's vlogs recently, of her house tour, that she had a duvet cover from Asda. So when I saw this in the store I thought 'if it's good enough for Zoe, it's good enough for me' and popped that in my trolley. Take a look at Zoe's vlog here to see how she has styled hers.

Here are some snaps of mine. And I've included a snap of my autumnal bedside table too.

Sem título #2276

4 November 2015

Sem título #2276

Polyester shirt

Versace high heel shoes
£350 -

Quilted bag
£18 -

£27 -

Rebecca Taylor etched glasses
£190 -

Chicwish cardigan

New accessory finds

3 November 2015

I discovered a new lifestyle boutique in my local town today.  I noticed a coming soon sign pop up recently in the shop window, and now that it has opened I thought I would have a good browse.

The shop is called The Webb Street Company and is a family run business originated from Cornwall. The owners of the shop reside in the area and after noticing a lack of shops of similar nature in the town, decided to set up shop (sorry about the pun!).

I got quite excited as I had a look round as I love independent stores like this. The effect is quite shabby chic, but of good quality. There is accessories, like jewellery, to stationery, and home ware.

After a good snoop around I purchased a pretty pink scarf with gold foil heart motif and a silver necklace with a gold star pendant. In total I spent just shy of £20. I love finding one off items, or are not so commonly found, so I feel I have something rather special.

Are there any independent shops that you love? I'd love to hear about them!

Love Abbie xoxoxo

Nothing is impossible

2 November 2015

This weekend the postie delivered me a very special package. 

I eagerly opened up my parcel to reveal...
This beautiful sign was handmade and designed exactly to my own personal style, Shabby Chic.
The creator of this original work of art is Charlotte aka Curious Willow.
Charlotte has kindly commissioned this sign for my desk, with a quote made famous by the Queen of Chic, Audrey Hepburn.

Charlotte's process to make this sign starts with the use of reclaimed wood, some being pallets, floorboards, scaffold boards etc. Things that have a history of use but are no longer needed for their original purpose. 
The wood used for my sign was from a pallet which was from a window display.

Charlotte then get's help to cut the wood and then sands and prepare's the wood for decorating. 

The design is then drawn onto the wood in pencil first, with the background painted in free hand, then distressed (a lot!) to give the overall shabby chic effect.

The letters are applied using three coats of paint, followed by more distressing, all followed by a top coat of Annie Sloane wax.

And voile la, a handmade customised shabby chic sign!

Here is it pride of place on my desk. It's lovely to have something that had been made for me in mind, and to give me inspiration when writing my blog. Never truer words said Audrey!

To find out more about the fabness that is Curious Willow, see her facebook page here.

What is your favourite quote that gives you inspiration? Let me know in a comment below!

'Til next time,

Love Abbie xoxoxo

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