My weekend

25 October 2015

So this weekend has been the end of my week off, before returning to work. So myself and Dan have taken it easy and chilled out.
Yesterday we went into our local town in the search of some food, and we ended up in Belle Isle (an eatery with a relaxed, chilled environment). Whilst their menu isn't as extensive as other eateries, what they do have is yummy! I opted for my favourite option which is Ericeira Chicken, which is a chicken breast in a mild Portuguese marinade in a toasted flatbread, with skinny fries and coleslaw. I'm not very adventurous with food. I tend to stick to my creature comforts like pizza, pasta and potatoes (carb overload!). But I tried this a while ago and loved it. After much umming and ahhing from Dan, he opted for the Alabama hotpot.
My mum makes a soup, which for as long as I can remember has been called 'Orange soup' and I absolutely love it, and I have now realised it is basically an Alabama hotpot! Don't know if my mum knows that or if it's a coincidence!

After this I took a trip into House of Fraser, as I was looking for a new winter coat (getting cold and dark now!) and brought a khaki one (pictured below) from Miss Selfridge. Pretty cool, as they also had 20% off promotion too!

The rest of the day was chilling at home, watching TV, going online and the all important, changing of the bed linens (normally a Sunday job, but hey I like to mix it up!).

So far today Dan and myself have had brunch in a lovely little cafe called Charley Harpers, where I had scrambled eggs on toast and Dan had the full monty (and some of mine!).  We then headed into Pandora to buy my Pudsey charm (see previous post for more info).

After that we went for a walk into some lovely gardens by the Cathedral to burn off some calories! The gardens in the summer have beautiful flowers in so many colours, but now it's October, it looks a little drab, but the tree's were stunning shades of reds, yellows and greens.

We then headed back to the direction of home, whilst taking a minor detour into Superdrug. I was on the hunt for some new make up brushes. I have a very sorry for it's self collection and thought it was about time I got the tools that I needed. I headed to the usual make up brushes section and they didn't have a lot, and what they did have was from £18 upwards. Bit beyond my budget!
I then had a moment of brilliance (very rare!) and looked at the Christmas gifts section, where there was a whole array of make up brushes sets, at much more purse friendly prices.
I ended up with a set from Studio London, which I have photographed and for the price is amazing! 

I have then spent the afternoon/evening working on  my blog. Being that I'm back to work tomorrow and I have a busy week ahead, I wanted to get something out to you whilst I had the time.

Dan has been keeping himself occupied by playing his new game Assassins Creed Syndicate. This game is set in London around 100 years ago and the graphics are amazing. So detailed and the game developers have made it to scale and as as accurate to the time period as they could.
Basically you can go around in horse and cart or by foot around the streets of London. I love the Assassin Creeds games anyway, but this one is so cool as it is set in London.
Dan took the lead character on top of Nelson's Column in Trafalgar Square (literally on Nelson's head) and had 360 degree view of old London. I took a pic below to try and show the detail there is.

Hope you're having a great weekend and I would love to know what you have been up to!

Love Abbie xoxoxo

Pudsey Bear for Pandora

Hi, there and thank you for visiting this blog post!

I am an avid lover of Pandora jewellery and have been collecting the charms for my bracelets for about five years. I was kindly given a couple of charms and a bracelet to wear them on for a Christmas present from my sister and my dad, a few years ago and have since been adding to my collection. (I've been very lucky in the past to receive charms for birthdays and for Christmas).

I love that there are so many different charms and you can make the bracelet really personal by putting on charms that have a relevance to the wearer. For example I have some love themed ones from my husband and an angel and tortoise from my sister. I have also brought myself as well, for example the tiara charm to go with my tiara ring. (Gotta co-ordinate!).

Today I purchased a Pudsey bear charm, which has been released to support Children in Need (FYI CiN is an annual telethon, raising money to support disabled and young people in the UK). The charm is £40, with 20% of the cost going to CiN.
Pudsey bear is the mascot for CiN and is ever so cute, even as a charm. I must admit I've not had a new charm for some time, so I liked that my newest one is also supporting such a great cause.

I love Pandora, do you too? Do you have a favourite type of jewellery to wear? Whatever you're style, I'd love to know!

Love Abbie xoxoxo

Bournemouth getaway

23 October 2015

Myself and the husband Dan, took a little break to the Dorset seaside town of Bournemouth this week. Bournemouth has become like a second home to us as we had stayed there so many times.
Bournemouth has a fantastic beach, miles of golden sand (a stone free beach!) and has a relaxed vibe to the town.
There's plenty of high street shops, if you're a retail lover like me, with very pretty gardens running through the centre. There are also great towns to visit in the surrounding area like Poole and Salisbury.
We have stayed in Bournemouth at various times of the year and in various different hotels, from travelodges to 4* hotels, there definetly isn't a shortage of accommodation in Bournemouth.
My favourite place to stay is the Cottonwood Boutique hotel. The hotel is on the east cliff, and if you're lucky you'll get a room with a sea view. And it is a sea view as there are no other buildings in front. The style of the hotel is bright and patterned, but done very tastefully. Afternootn tea there is fab also!

This time we stayed in a spa hotel, called The Hallmark Hotel, West Cliff, which after getting a tiny bit lost, we found, just off the main high street. We had a clean and spacious room at the back of the hotel (through a rather long corridor) on the first floor. I've got a video which I hope to upload of the room. For someone who likes their home furnishings, there was a lack of them, but the room was comfortable and somewhere to relax. Here is their website if you would like to check them out.

I took a bunch of photos and made the best ones in a short video montage below. I hope you like it!

Love Abbie xoxoxo

Brighton is Right On!

18 October 2015

True that!
Pink t-shirt £9 from Jack Wills, White and grey t-shirt £4.99 each from Bershka

Me and my DM's

Palace Pier
All lit up

Pretty glassware

Never a truer word said

Could it be any more British!

i360 tower (under construction)

Jack Wills


Back in Mac

Pretty in pink (!)

Owls say it best

Entry to another dimension?

Well deserved pit stop

History in motion in the ocean

I recently took a day trip to Brighton, in East Sussex. Brighton is a vibrant and laid back sea side town, with lots to see and do, for tourists from further afield and even for me, who lives not too far away.

Brighton is about 50 minutes on the train from my hometown, so I occasionally take a trip to the sea side. I love all the shops, from lot's of high street favourites, to independent stores in the famous Laines.
If you haven't had the pleasure of visiting the Laines, they are lanes (some rather narrow!) just off the main centre of high street shops and boast lot's of great retailers. From gift shops, to cake shops, fashion boutiques and second hand shops. There are so many to visit, it's a shabby chic lovers paradise!

I visited Brighton to have a mooch around the shops, as there are brands such as Bershka, Tiger Stores and Pull and Bear which are the nearest ones to me. One of my favourite shops in Brighton is Tiger Stores. I have only recently discovered this treasure trove of knick knacks. It's so affordable and you can buy stationery, kitchenware and random odds and sods. I tend to always walk away with a random selection of goodies. This time I brought a couple of green and copper tarnished candle holders, a copper effect picture frame and some pumpkin shaped garlands (perfect for my Halloween party!).

Whilst in Brighton I took a walk with Dan along the sea front. Even on a mid October afternoon, it was still a pleasant walk, seeing the new i360 tower which is nearing completion. At the moment it just looks like a rather tall narrow tower, but I believe once it's finished it will have a viewing platform at the top. I'm not too bad with heights, but I once stood in the Spinnaker Tower in Portsmouth (a ship sail shaped tower with viewing platforms overlooking a busy harbour) and stood on a panel of glass that looks straight down to the ground and I got a bit wobbly legged! But I'm sure the view on the i360 will be worth it.

Dan and myself took a walk past the pier and then, being the typical British tourist, stopped for a cup of tea in Pret a Manger (I LOVE Pret!). After that we visted some of the more 'up market' stores in the area and then took a leisurely walk back to the train station.

I would definitely rate Brighton for a day out, as there is enough to keep you busy and make you feel you deserved that cup of tea after all the at walking!

I'd love to know any towns that you rate, be them near or far from me. It's always great to know about other places to visit!

Love Abbie xoxoxo

New Make Up products

13 October 2015

Another day, another make up purchase! I've been after a berry/dark pink nail polish for the autumn and I found the exact shade by Essie in Superdrug, This colour is called Jamaica me Crazy.
The colour applies really well and has certainly added some colour to my nails.

I have also brought an smoky eyeshadow palette from Topshop called Enigma. When I tested the colours I loved the warm tones, especially as I have brown eyes, so I thought this again would look fab for autumn.

Lastly I have invested in a brow pencil by Urban Decay. This pencil is called Brow Beater in warm brown. Unlike some of my other brow pencils, this is a fine pencil, so I hope to be able to neatly pencil in my brows. I'm not an expect at applying make up, so I need all the help I can get!

Love Abbie xoxoxo

Love from Paris by Alexandra Potter- My book review

8 October 2015

I'll confess that I am a lover of 'Chick Lit' books. I have a fair few to my collection, from Cecelia Ahearn to Marian Keyes, and all the fab authors in between.

And recently I have just finished the latest book from Alexandra Potter. Alex has 11 books under her belt including; 'Me and Mr Darcy' and 'The Love Detective'. I have yet to read all her novels, but the one's I have read so far have definitely been well worth the read.

Now, for those of you who may go to on to read Love from Paris, I don't want to give away any spoilers or reveal too much of the story. So my review is limited to avoid this...

When I pick up a new book, especially by an author I love, I tend to avoid reading the blurb as I like to have the story be a surprise and unravel as I read it. Obviously the covers tend to give a hint to what the story is about, but I like to find out the rest of the plot page by page.

So I began Love from Paris, with not much indication what the story would contain. It soon came to light that it centred around Ruby Miller, from Alex's previous novel, The Love Detective. And you will know from the title that it is set in modern day Paris.
Without going into too much detail, the story kept me gripped, as I had that wanting to know what happens next syndrome, almost on every page.
The story has good pace, great secondary characters and though I have never been to Paris myself, I felt I could easily imagine the beautiful scenery that Ruby was set in.  There is love and intrigue throughout the story with two main story lines running throughout. Alex has created a wonderful novel, that keeps you guessing and renews your faith in love lasting a lifetime.
All in all, I know I've read a great book, when I keep wanting to read it and I finish it within a couple of days (by contrast I have some books I have started over a year ago and yet to finish as they didn't hook me in) and Love from Paris I zoomed through, which is definitely a thumbs up!

I would advise reading The Love Detective to set up some of the characters first, but it't not crucial as I feel the story makes sense as a stand alone book. Alex has announced on social media that there will be a third novel, as a follow up and she is looking for a third destination to base it in. My suggestion is the States, as it is large enough to capture some iconic land marks and cities and one of the main characters is from the US. I guess we will have to eagerly wait and see!

You can find Alex's novels at Amazon.

Have you read any good books recently? If so, I'd love to know what you recommend.

Love Abbie xoxoxo

15 cosy day items

3 October 2015

As the evenings are slowly drawing in, I thought I would start to look for the ultimate in cosiness. I'm a creature of comfofts and I love anything, soft, fluffy and snuggly. And these items I have found are right up my street.
Please have a look and let me know if you have any items that you can't do without on a brrr day!
Knitted socks from ASOS £15

Next slippers £18

ASOS Pajamas £24

John Lewis throw £80

Yankee Candle £8.99

Bunny top from Next £28

Tea light holders from The Contemporary Home £8

Fuzzy Duck luxury scented candle £10

Mugs from Not On The High Street £13.95 each

Cath Kidston cushion £28

Bunny Slippers from Accessorize £12

Whittards Hot Chocolate set £22

Let's get cosy cushion from Matalan £12

Matalan Fair Isle throw £15

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