New Beauty Buys

28 September 2015

After a visit to a local sea side town today named Worthing, where I purchased two make up palettes from the brand Revolution.
I love this brand as the prices are super purse friendly but also of great quality. As much as I love my Benefit cosmetics, this is brand is a my go to for regular updates to my make up collection.

I am yet the try them out but I have shared some photo's of what they look like, in case you might like to give them a go to.
Iconic Pro 2
Radiance Radiant Highlights palette

I also wanted to share my Mavala collection of nail polishes. I used to have over 100 nail polishes, but I did a big clear out and kept my most favourite colours. I love Mavala as the bottles are a perfect size for me. I used to buy so many polishes and never use the bottles up, but these 5ml bottles are just enough for me to keep using with minimal wastage. The prices reflect the size with the rrp normally at £4.75. 

In a previous post I mentioned that I ordered these storage pots from Miss Etoile. And here they are. They are so cute and have made my make up area look pretty. A great purchase from

I also purchased these cute earrings from H&M...

Have you brought any new cosmetics this week? If so I'd love to know what products you're loving.

Love Abbie xoxoxo

Feeling a bit ghoulish!

24 September 2015

Since my last post I have been to visit the doctors, which resulted in being, as expected told that I seemed ok and to go on my merry way. So I am self medicating myself with some over the counter throat sweets and hoping I can kick this, what ever it is, in the butt myself.

In the mean time I have been planning for a Halloween party. As I mentioned previously I was awaiting the delivery of my Halloween invitations, and in no time at all (I ordered on Monday evening and they arrived Wednesday morning) they arrived. And very pleased that I am. They are more like postcards, but still plenty of room to write on the back.
I found fun verse to use on the invitations and dug out my trusty label printing machine.

I brought this label printer back last summer to use for my wedding invitations and it is so useful. The labels come in two sizes and you just load the CD onto your computer, install and start using the software. I have printed all the wording for my Halloween invites using my label printer, saves writing out each one and my handwriting really will not suffice!
You can find the printer I use here

The company I have used for my Halloween invitations is called OH!Studios Designs and are based in Brighton, East Sussex. I would definitely recommend them as they are very prompt and friendly. I ordered two sets of 10 invitations and actually received an extra 5 for free! Bonus! You can find the invitations here and follow them on twitter at @ohstudiodesign

I have also brought a load of Halloween decorations from Poundland (it's for one evening so don't want to spend too much!) and got quite a lot of goodies as you can see from the photo below. I plan on getting more food nearer the time, but I can imagine leave it any longer and they will sell out. Early bird and all that.

Do you have any plans for Halloween? Are you going to or having a party of going trick or treating? I'd love to know your plans!

Love Abbie xoxoxo

So far this week (and it's only Monday)

21 September 2015

So today I have been to work, pretty standard, but still been suffering from a rather dodgy throat. Now, I've had tonsillitis before (and it's grim, very grim) and I'm hoping it's not the start of that, but there's something definitely not right going on in there. I keep coughing to clear my throat (and have been since last Monday) and well, I won't divulge any further info as it might be a case of TMI.
I've got a doctors appointment tomorrow morning to have it checked out, but unless I know I have a real medical condition, I get anxious that the doctor will a)tell me I'm fine, when I feel I'm not or b)say he needs to do 'further tests' or says it's something bad or anything in between. So will see how that goes.

On the up side, I am awaiting a very special delivery to work tomorrow for myself. My work has joined the wonders of Google+ and one of the local branches was auctioning of a Sylvanian Families set on one of the groups on there. It comes complete with various cute animal figures and furniture, all in the setting of a shop, cased in an clear acrylic box. I am thinking it may of been on display in the toy department at one stage?
Any how. I won the bid and donated my bid to a justgiving page that was set up in aid of a local Barnardo's shop. So once I get that, be sure there will be pictures :)
I hope they don't move out of place whilst in transit to me!
This evening, whilst on the sofa, resting my poorly self (oh bring on the violins!) I was browsing online for some Halloween invitations. Dan and myself in previous years have tried to have Halloween parties, but for one reason or another they never came into fruition, So this year I will try again.
I don't have a large flat, but it is nice, if I say so myself (I have lived in some quite ropey flats before), so I am aiming on inviting a handful of my nearest and dearest to a Halloween themed party. I quite like the idea of fancy dress, scary looking food and some spooky fun.
Dan and myself also have some Polaroid films left from out wedding and Dan has the set up for green screen and some professional lighting, so I might try to set up some kind of photo booth (Poundland fancy dress here I come!) and I also found my missing Polaroid camera that I have been looking for ever since before our wedding (which was in June last year!).
So anyway back to the invitations. I have searched all across my local town centre for Halloween party invitations, and nothing. Not even a bean. Tried all the obvious outlets, Even a shop that sells only Halloween themed products and not an invitation in sight. So after some searching online I came across some invitations from a company based in Brighton, East Sussex through They are very reasonable in price and I hope they will be delivered this week.

Also at work this week we are having three separate Macmillan Coffee Mornings. The official event which is celebrated nationally through various different businesses, schools and individuals is on this coming Friday 25th September. Last year Macmillan raised over £25million pounds through their Coffee Morning events, so this year I hope they do even better!
The aim is to make/bake cakes for a coffee morning to share with others and for those others to then make a donation for said cake, with the donations going to Macmillan to fund their fantastic services to 'provide medical, emotional, practical and financial support, as well as campaigning for better cancer care'. Find out more here.
As Thursday is my day off this week, my plan is to get baking for Friday! Now, I'm not very good at cake baking (they tend to be under or over cooked, even if I think I've followed the recipe to the letter) and my cake decorating has a lot to be desired. If Sharon from Daisychain's Cakes makes some then I will deem the events a success as no-one can turn down her cakes!
I will photograph or if I'm feeling brave video record my attempt at a cake. If you have any suggestions for what I should bake, bear in mind I class my self as beginner, I would love to know.
I also will photograph all the lovely cakes that my colleagues make too.

So that's it so far. Fingers crossed all is good at the doctors and I will be back with photo's of my new Sylvanian friends. (Still a child at heart!).

Love Abbie xoxoxo

Feeling a bit lippy!

20 September 2015

After a bit of tidying up of recent I have uncovered some lipsticks that I had stored away.

I'm not an avid lipstick wearer as I find any lipstick I use tends to wear off after a couple of hours and I'm too lazy to regularly redo it. Resulting in not wearing said lipstick again for a while.
Though when I do don some lippy, be it for a special occasion or night out then these are some of the colours and brands I am loving at the moment.
Most of these can be found in retailers such as Boots, Superdrug and John Lewis. I'd love to know what colours your rocking at the mo. Let me know below!

Love Abbie xoxoxo

I've got a handle on this!

19 September 2015

As you may of guessed, I do love shabby chic interiors and accessories. So I was inspired to update an chest of drawers I own.

This chest of drawers I brought, along with an Ikea dining table and four chairs and a blanket box from a previous land lady, all for £100! All in perfect order. Now, this draw set is varnished with a dark wood colour and was looking a bit lacking in design, so I have hunted down some very pretty and chic draw handles and with the help of Dan (me, DIY, who you kidding? Actually I put together Dan's desk by myself, so I think I'm ok).
Grey, pink, gold and clear handles from Hudson Grey in Chichester, Pink/white round handle from Zara at home
The end result adds a bit more of a feminine touch to the draws. I would love to sand down and repaint in a lighter colour the whole chest of draws, but in a rented flat, I wouldn't trust that I could keep paint solely on the draws! So I'll leave that project for a more convenient time.

I've also moved a few furniture items around in my room to make better use of the space and on doing so I have utilised the top of the chest of draws to place my make up and dressed it a little.

I've included in this blog a few photo's of what I have been busy doing this Saturday afternoon.

Anyway that's all for this short but sweet blog post. Until next time.

Love Abbie xoxoxo

Hot off the press!

17 September 2015

As the evenings draw in, and get colder, I'm looking forward to cosying down with a nice blanket, cup of tea and a good book.
In advance of such indulgence, I thought I would check out what new book releases are heading our way for Autumn and Winter and into early 2016.

Here are my personal highlights:

Shopaholic to the rescue by Sophie Kinsella 
out 22nd October 2015

The Little shop of Happy-Ever-After by Jenny Colgan
out 11 February 2015

A Wedding at Christmas (Proper Family) by Chrissie Manby
out 19th November 2015

A Diamond from Tiffany's by Melissa Hill
out 3rd December 2015

You and me, always by Jill Mansell
out 28th Jan 2016

A girls best friend by Lindsey Kelk
out 5th November 2015

The Marble Collector by Cecelia Ahearn
out 5th November 2015
All these books are by authors I have previously read books by before, so I am always excited when they release a new book. I do end up with a pile of unread books beside my bed, as I work my way through them and once read I love to put them in my bookcase, to add to my growing collections.
I have in the past got some consumed in a book that I have read it within a day and I'm sure the above books won't fail to be unputtdownable (is that such a word?!).

Why don't you head over to Amazon and add them to your wish list? I know I will be!

Happy reading, and of course I will endeavour to give book reviews (without any spoilers!) once I have read them.

Love Abbie xoxoxo

Oh so pretty

13 September 2015

So I have stumbled across this really pretty and vintage Danish brand, called Miss Etoile.
They make storage solutions for the kitchen, including cute tupperware boxes and tea cup and tea pot sets.
They use pastel colours, with hints of gold and include a cute cartoon face. I love things like this, as they are simple in design and make a great statement around the home.

As I love storage boxes, tins, pots, etc, I have brought two of their jars as pictured above (they were £5 each from but you can also get some from and I think these will be great to store some make up and cotton wall pads in.
Once I receive them (delivery is expected up until 2nd Oct) I will be sure to share some photo's of them with you.

If you know of any other brands like this, I would love to know!

Love Abbie xoxoxo

My new treats :)

10 September 2015


 RRP is £45 at John Lewis 
As an avid Cath Kidston fan, I couldn't resist this new bag from the lovely Cath. 
This bag is a great transitional piece to go into Autumn, and very much on trend with the whole satchel vibe. I have a pink button up coat from Miss Selfridge I brought earlier in the summer as it was reduced. And the autumnal weather will mean I finally get to wear it, and I think this bag will look great with it.
I always carry so much around with me, I feel like I really need a sack to cart all my random belongings around in and this bag I think will work a treat. Neither too big or too small. Cath, you've got this spot on!

Accessorize nail polish, Revlon Colorburst and Urban Decay Smoky eye palette

I was in Accessorize today as they had a 20% member card event (I do love a loyalty card!) and I saw that they have a new nail polish range. The bottles are so pretty, and as the sales assistant said 'they look like disco balls!'.
So with my discount I brought the Ballet Slipper colour as I have a penchant for pink nail polishes.
Also on a recent trip to Boots I brought a Revlon Colourburst lip stain. This was part of a lip colour promotion in (2 lip colours for £10) and I usually go for a lipstick and this is a great alternative.
The colour is 001 Honey and has a slight dark pink tint, but it's still has a subtle colour on the lip. 
Perfect for a day and great to balance out a heavy eye look for the evening.

As soon as I heard that Urban Decay was releasing another eye palette, I was googling when and when I could get my hands on one. I have a two of their previous palettes, and this one is just a wonderful. 
As the name suggests, it is more darker shades, to create that classic smoky eye, with a a couple of gold shades to add some sparkle. I have been saving this palette for more of an evening/night time look as the colours are a bit heavier than the previous palettes. 
They colours blend well and have great pigmentation. Yes, it is a bit on the dear side as far as pricing goes, but I believe you do get a great quality product that lasts and lasts. 
(Though as a side note I have found a brand called Revolution sold through Superdrug that sell a palette for a mere £4 and is a great take on the UD palettes).

I hope you like my finds and would love to hear what you have found on your shopping trips!

Love Abbie xoxoxo

Guy annoys girlfriend with puns at Ikea

6 September 2015

I tried to explain this video to Dan whilst shopping in Ikea yesterday and I don't think I did it justice!
So here's this fun video :)

Home ware, every where!

Recently I took a trip to Southampton (in Hampshire, UK) to have a gander at some home ware goodies.
Southampton has a number of home stores, such as Ikea, Dunelm and Next at home, which are always full of idea's to give me inspiration for my own home décor (I do have a lot of home furnishings, as being a rented flat, I can't hang up pictures or shelves *sobs*).

The first store I visited was Ikea, which I love. So many room sets and I think the way they can make a small room look stylish and homely, whilst compacting a lot of furniture in is rather clever. Storage is key, that is what I have learnt from personal experience anyway!
I hope I'm not the only one who likes to make a fictional 'cuppa' in one of the many kitchens and pretend that they have moved in ;)

After a good browse around the furniture sections we moved onto the Market Hall area, which is the area I like the most. Now, I like pretty and homely products and could fill a yellow Ikea bag up like Super Market Sweep, but my ever practical husband, will and did say 'You already have enough duvet covers' or 'Do you really need another lamp?' and the answer will inevitably be No!
Inspirational Ikea products
 So in the end, I was the last of the big spenders and brought a plastic bag holder (as we or I, have too many and they are shoved into a draw that is over crammed), so this useful tool with eradicate my need to keep every carrier bag I get and keep just what I need.
The other item I purchased was some pretty faux potted flowers for my dining table. I do love real flowers (esp from The Flower Basement!) but these ones will not wilt and die, so again me being strangely practical!
(I'll post a video after this blog about a couples trip to Ikea!).

After visiting Ikea we moved onto Next at home. I love Next at home for their pretty and feminine home ware products. I saw so many things that I wanted to buy and I have recently poured over their A/W 2015 catalogue dreaming of what my ideal home décor would look like.

Some lovely items in Next at home
As this is a small store compared to Ikea, there aren't room sets as such, so it doesn't take long to walk around, but I did pick up a couple of items. A lovely dish that is now on my desk, that says 'Pretty little things' which was £4 and ideal for my watch and charm bracelet.
I also purchased a little cup that I thought was really lovely as it has little feet on the bottom :)
Pretty Little Things Dish £4 Next at home
Some great finds in Dunelm
The final store we visited was Dunelm. Dunelm is like a treasure trove of home ware items. Their stores aren't particularly big, but they do have a lot under one roof. What I also like about Dunelm is the price points. It is all very reasonable, and I normally find a gem of a bargain in there.
Shabby chic draw set £12.99 Dunelm
And on my visit I did just that! I found a 5 draw set, which a vintage, shabby chic feel for just £12.99! Ideal for my desk and storing any knick knacks away. Very happy with that find.
My desk with my new finds 
Anyway I hope these few finds might give you some inspiration and I would love to know what sort of decor you like and have you found any brilliant buys recently?

Love Abbie xoxoxo

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