So it began...

27 August 2015

So thanks for dropping by and taking time to visit my newly formed blog.

I have no concept of what will unfold, only time will tell!

A little about me; I'm 31 years old, and live with my husband in a lovely town called Chichester, which is in West Sussex and about six miles from the coast.

I work for a well loved British retailer as an Personnel Assistant and have been doing this for 2 and a half years. Prior to that I have worked for H&M and Warehouse, since I left 6th form.

Fair to say I love shopping (I mean my career is retail!). But aside from that, I also coven chick lit books. I also have a penchant for anything pretty, pink, cute, basically anything girly! But that said I do like documentaries, history and motor biking adventures (read Charley Boorman and Ewan McGregor).

I like to think that I am a down to earth, girl next door sort of person. I try my best to be kind, thoughtful and well mannered and some would say I'm too much of yes person. I would call myself introverted but once I like someone I will happily chat away.

This blog will hopefully be a chart of things I make, places I go, people of interest I see, and things I love. I also hope to share any happy news stories from around the world, as there is too much sadness in the world, I hope to do my bit to make it a bit brighter if that's possible!

Anyway that's a snap shot of me and I hope you come by again!

Until then,

Abbie xoxoxo

My new writing zone...

So to be able to write a blog, I thought I would need a nice area to be able sit and type away. Being that Dan has taken our spare room for his 'office', now that he works from home, I have taken a corner of our bedroom for my own.

It's next to my bed (great if I end up writing late into the night), which is just a hop, skip and a jump away (though if I did really do that I would end up out the window!). I also have our en-suite to the right of me, great for when nature calls (really, Abbie, TMI!).

To set myself up I have brought, what Argos call a 'Basic Desk'. I suppose for £14.99 you could only expect basic! Dan and myself spent about an hour putting it together (well Dan mainly!) and for the cost I would say it's great value. In time I would like to get a slightly more durable desk, but baby steps. I have also decorated my desk with a few girlie objects. I do love a pretty item. 

I have a white ceramic owl. I went through a phase about a year ago, loving all things owl themed. Which made it very easy for my family to buy for my birthday and for Christmas. I had to politely request no more, as my flat was fast becoming to look like an ornamental owl sanctuary! 

I also have a framed quote reading; 'Live every moment, Laugh every day, Love beyond words', which I though was a lovely quote. This little beauty cost me the grand total of £1.99 from Card Factory!

I was also on the hunt for a cute pen pot for my new desk (gotta be organised!) and after scouring my town centre, I ended in my favourite haunt, Cath Kidston. Inspiration took hold of me (doesn't often happen mind) and picked up a lovely pink and white polka dot mug, that I thought I would fashion as a pen pot. Genius!

I also have a plastic pink flower to add a floral touch. I would go for a real flower but inevitably it would die and ever the practical person I opted for a fake flower. 

My next plan will be to invest in a nice desk chair. Dan has recently brought a really comfy gaming chair for his desk, but that did set him back a cool £100 smackers, so I think I will scope out Staples soon for an alternative to a dining chair!

Anyway that is my little typing den (not sure what I should call it). It is so far serving it's purpose!

Abbie xoxoxo

Desk from Argos
Mug from Cath Kidston (my mug not available but there are some fab alternatives)
Frame from Card Factory

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